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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

ProtonMail is an email client that helps as to send encrypted email. They are particularly useful for those serving in limited-access or closed countries that need additional security and privacy surrounding their email communication. Though staff serving in closed a countries end to be ones needing ProtonMail accounts, it is available to all staff. If you obtain an email address at Protonmail in Switzerland, and use it for discussing personal legal and sensitive financial data only with other Protonmail users, your emails cannot be intercepted and understood by the dark unsavory types who hack private emails. All our close working partners have evaluated the various encrypted email services out there and have chosen Protonmail and joined us in moving their to-be-protected conversations into that venue. Protonmail for pc is one of the best, most impervious, the encrypted email services on the planet. As you may know, with services like that, the emails you send from it are only non-interceptable if you send them to another Protonmail (for mac) address.

ProtonMail for Pc

Likewise, the emails you receive at your Protonmail address are only non-interceptable if you receive them from another Protonmail address. If you only correspond from your Protonmail address, no party anywhere can intercept or understand the content of your emails. The world’s securest Switzerland based emailing service provider ProtonMail for mac open source with the public release of their webmail interface version 2.0. They have also announced the release of beta version of their mobile apps for iOS and Android. According to ProtonMail, their email service’s core cryptography code has been open source since the launch of the service but why many didn’t know about this is because the company didn’t really made that official before. The front-end encryption being used by ProtonMail is completely open source and is based on the ‘OpenPGPjs’ library.

Features of ProtonMail

Automatic encryption of messages: The contents of the email are automatically encrypted during the time of delivery and can only be decrypted on reaching the recipients.

Strong encryption guarantees maximum privacy: ProtonMail’s encryption technology doesn’t allow anyone except you to read the contents of your mail. This restriction applies to ProtonMail as well which can neither access nor read any of your private communications. This applies to not only all the messages on your mailbox but also those you receive from an-ProtonMail users. Most email service providers have access to their user’s messages, but ProtonMail strives to keep your interactions private and secure.

Complete control over your data: The Zero-Access encryption technology used by ProtonMail ensures that it has zero control over their user’s data, such as messages or contact list. It can neither read your data nor share it with any other third-party organizations. In ProtonMail for mac, users can complete ownership of all their data. It is the first email service provider to make this feature available to its users. (ProtonMail for pc, ProtonMail forgot password, ProtonMail for mac, ProtonMail ios, ProtonMail for pc, ProtonMail apk for android, ProtonMail app download, ProtonMail hacked)

Doesn’t keep any record of your data: Unlike most email service providers, ProtonMail doesn’t store any record of your data on its servers. Therefore, your IP address, your emails, and the websites you visit are all secure. Its encryption technology restricts any form of monitoring or recording of user data or actions.

Protects your data even during a breach : The Zero-Access encryption technology used by ProtonMail keeps your data secure even during a breach. ProtonMail only stores encrypted messages. If a hacker successfully breaches the network, he gets access to encrypted messages. Hence, he doesn’t have the means to decrypt those messages and access its contents.

A secure authentication process : ProtonMail uses a strong authentication process for maximum security. It employs the Secure Remote Password protocol to prevent any third party access.

ProtonMail’s servers are located in Switzerland : ProtonMail for ios stores all the user data in Switzerland, which has strong privacy laws. All your data, such as personal details, messages, activity, is protected by the EU privacy laws. Therefore, no external security organization can compel ProtonMail to hand over user data under any circumstances.

How is it work

Here we are discuss about how to work ProtonMail service and how to use it. Just like any normal email service. Go to their website, sign up for an account, and you’re in. Their free service has some restrictions, though. You only get 500 MB of storage and can only send 150 messages per day. If you upgrade to the Plus plan for (4.00 € or ~ $4.91 per month), you get 5 GB of storage, 1,000 sent messages per day, and a slew of other perks. (The site also offers “Visionary” and “Business” pricing options.)

Once you’re set up, you use it just like you would Gmail or Yahoo. Hit the compose tab in the top left corner, and you’ll see a screen like this. The important part here is the hourglass icon in the bottom left corner of the new message menu. Where you can set the expiration time of the email, for whatever number of weeks, days, or hours you’d like. One thing to note is that the timer starts after the email is sent, not once it’s opened. And also, this only works for ProtonMail messages. So if you’re sending messages to a Gmail account, they won’t be deleted.

Why use ProtonMail?

ProtonMail stay private and cannot be intercepted or disclosed to third parties.

End-to-end encryption,

Easy to use the encryption is done automatically and is completely invisible to the users. Zero access all the messages are stored in encrypted format not even ProtonMail can read your messages.

Open source : ProtonMail’s encryption is open to inspection by security experts from around the world.

ProtonMail is 100% free, no catches. If you like our project, you can donate or upgrade to a premium account.

Swiss privacy and neutrality : ProtonMail is hosted entirely in Switzerland, under the protection of the world’s strongest privacy laws.

ProtonMail recently released their Linux beta for Bridge, which provides IMAP/SMTP access to the service. Prior to Bridge you could only access the service through the web interface, which is sort of clunky and requires you to, among other things, rely on their search, which is limited by the fact that they can’t really index your emails – because you’re paying them not to read the message bodies. (ProtonMail for pc, ProtonMail forgot password, ProtonMail for mac, ProtonMail ios, ProtonMail for pc, ProtonMail apk for android, ProtonMail app download, ProtonMail hacked)

ProtonMail Specification :

Best Android Emulators : Bluestacks

Operating Systems : Windows 7,8/10 or Mac

App Developer : ProtonMail

App Updated : 28 September 2018

APK Version : 1.9.3

Category : Communication

Android Version Required for emulator : Android 4.0.3 and up

APK File Size : 17 MB

Types of Accounts

Plan Messages Per Day Folders/Labels Storage Aliases Domains Price Support

Free 150 3/3 500 MB 1 Address – Free Limited Support

Plus 1000 200/200 5 GB 5 Addresses 1 $5 /mo or $48 /yr Support

Professional Unlimited Unlimited/Unlimited 5 GB 5 Addresses/User 2 $8 /mo or $75 /yr Priority Support

Visionary Unlimited Unlimited/Unlimited 20 GB 50 Addresses 10 $30.00 /mo or $288.00 /yr Priority Support

Backup ProtonMail contacts

One of the useful feature of ProtonMail Backup Software is that it can create backup of email documents in four different formats. The file formats includes MBOX, EML, MSG and PST. The backup can be accessed in all applications that support MBOX, EML, MSG and PST formats. Archiving ProtonMail to Outlook 2010/13/16 is done with the PST files. Creating backup of mailbox may put many problems aside. This software has the potential to backup the entire data at once. Once the backup is created, this can be used whenever needed. It has been designed especially for generating backup of ProtonMail Contacts to Outlook 2010/13/16 and Thunderbird.

ProtonMail, as the name suggests, is an email service. The outfit is based in Switzerland and the service offers bumper-to-bumper encryption, is browser-based, does not log IP addresses, and will accept bitcoin and cash payments for paid accounts. ProtonMail is still in beta status and registration is by invitation at this time. The core service will be free, but I’ve not seen any information that says that the source code is open, or will be open. They are something to be aware of if you ever want to sign up.

How to join ProtonMail for Pc

In order to create an account, go to our website, we are provide the download link for you. It offers multiple account plans. ProtonMail offers free 500MB online storage and 150 messages per day to all its users. If you need more storage space, you can sign up for one of their paid plans. The paid account plans are classified into three categories Plus, Professional and Visionary. Under the Plus plan, a user is entitled to 5GB online storage and 1000 messages per day. The Professional plan grants 5GB online storage and unlimited messages per day. Account holders subscribing to the Visionary plan receive 20GB online storage and unlimited messages. After selecting your plan, enter your username, password and recovery email address to create your account.

Download and Install ProtonMail For PC (Windows and mac)

Install ProtonMail app in PC using BlueStacks for pc

BlueStacks is an Android App Player that allows you to run Android apps on PC. Following are the steps on how to install any app on PC with Bluestacks

To begin, Install BlueStacks for your PC first

Launch BlueStacks on PC

Once BlueStacks is launched, click My Apps button in the emulator

Search : ProtonMail For PC application it can be modify search and download instructions

You will see search result for ProtonMail For PC just install it

Login to your Google account to download apps from Google Play on Bluestacks

After login, installation process will start for ProtonMail For PC download depending on your internet connection.

ProtonMail for PC Windows 8, Windows 10/7/XP and Mac computer. ProtonMail offers encrypted email, which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to read it except the sender and the recipient.

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