Germany is well known for numerous things like great beer, free education, and awesome soccer. Although the national team’s official name and code was “Germany FR (FRG),” it was shortened to “Germany (GER)” in 1990. The team is also one of the strongest worldwide, having won as many as four World Cups. 

We bet a big part of the success of the team is its adoring fans. In 2010, for example, this German fan caught the attention of many while cheering for Germany against Australia at the 2010 World Cup soccer match, which was held at the Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban.


The women at the 2018 World Cup were quite a sight for sore eyes. So much so that people stayed glued to them and some people even started making complaints about the pretty fans distracting fans from the real action – the soccer matches themselves.

One of those women was this lady supporting the Poland national team. The team has competed in seven FIFA World Cup editions since its first appearance in 1938. It also won bronze medals at the tournament in 1974 and 1982. Having lost momentum in global soccer since 1986, the country has never repeated this feat at the World Cup ever since.


These Portuguese fans may just be the wildest of them all! Their appetite for soccer is just beautiful to watch. The 2018 World Cup saw fans, Carlos Brum and Pedro Lobotomy drive 7000 kilometers from Lisbon to Russia just to cheer the Portuguese team! Such a display of passion for soccer and for the country is quite inspirational. 

The Portuguese fans cheered their team to victory against Morocco and a draw with their bitter rivals, Spain. Thanks to this passion, the Portuguese team was ranked sixth in the FIFA men’s ranking in 2018 and had dropped to ninth as of October 2022.


Due to its natural beauty and cultural diversity, South Africa is one of the top destinations in the world. National parks and protected sites of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, make it a favorite tourist spot.

More than that, there’s the South African national team to fall in love with. The national team previously had a decades-long hiatus and only resumed playing at an international level in 1992. It’s also the first African country to host a World Cup. Given how far they have come, it’s no surprise to see South Africans cheering loudly and celebrating at stands, like this woman right here.


You may know that the Australian National team, the “Socceroos”, has thrashed soccer giants and world champions like Uruguay, France, and Argentina. It has also fought others like Brazil to a draw. However, you may not know that the secret behind these successes was often the intensity of its fans. 

Its outing at the 2018 World Cup may not have been all that savory, but these super fans kept their spirits, even breaking out beers to celebrate their players. The Australian team was ranked 41st in the 2018 FIFA men’s ranking but has traded that for the 38th position as of October 2022.


The Tifosi are probably the world’s most successful fans thanks to cheering for one of the most successful national teams ever to play soccer. They’ve cheered the Italian team to win four FIFA World Cup titles, two European Championships, and probably more second and third positions than any other team in the world. It is often said that the Tifosi put the “fan” into fanaticism with their world-renowned displays. 

“Gli Azzurri,” as the Italian team is popularly called, last won a World Cup title in 2006, placing 2nd in the 2006 FIFA men’s rankings. It was placed sixth in the same ranking in 2022.


The Dutch are well-known for their use of the color orange, which has served as the country’s national color for many years. It is primarily derived from the House of Orange-Nassau, a Dutch royal family. The color was also used in the name of the national soccer team, and legions of fans wear matching outfits to big games.

This explains why this fan dressed in the same color as a show of patriotism and support for their country’s national team, which qualified for the World Cup in 2022. The country is credited with transforming the carrot into its current orange color.


There are a few national soccer fans that are as enthusiastic about soccer (as the Americans call it) as American soccer fans. The Americans bought the highest number of tickets for the 2018 World Cup, behind only Russia, who happened to be the host. 

The same vigor was seen at their 2014 World Cup outing where, even in a loss to Belgium, the entire world witnessed the unbroken American spirit- the fervor they’ve embodied in the famous American Dream. As of October 2022, the American men’s national team placed 16th in the FIFA men’s ranking, a better position than the 27th it placed in 2014.


If you did a quick research on the hottest fans at the World Cup, you’d find a picture of this woman. Cheering for Costa Rica, this woman caught the eye of many in the stands. We guess when you’re cheering for the most successful national soccer team from the region of Central America, it’s important to show up and show out.

The team is the only national team in Central America to have played in five FIFA World Cup editions. They had their best performance in 2014 after finishing first in their group of three former World Cup champions: Uruguay, Italy, and England.


Switzerland is regarded as one of the most innovative countries in the world, and it ranks second in terms of life expectancy. While it is probably best known for its ski resorts, chocolates, and cheese, its citizens are undeniably wealthy, with the highest wealth per person in the world. This could also be because the country is a global economic hub.

Although it is globally associated with economic interests, it is also heavily invested in sports, particularly soccer. Every weekend, over 10,000 soccer matches are reportedly played, with tens of thousands of fans cheering them on. In addition, there are over 270,000 licensed soccer players in the country.


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