Best Cheap Car Insurance In New York

Car Insurance In New York: People who are not looking for ways to save money these days are not very common. We evaluated the average rates for eight large auto insurance companies to find the most competitive rates for a variety of drivers in New York State.

If you need car insurance in New York, whether you live in New York City, Buffalo, or Rochester, Liberty Mutual Insurance has you covered. We customize your New York auto insurance, so you only pay for what you need, from liability protection to comprehensive coverage.

What car insurance is required in New York?

Here in New York, it is illegal to drive without insurance. Drivers are required to have the following car insurance coverage: bodily injury, property damage, and accidental death. The chart below shows the minimum auto insurance drivers are required to have in New York.

Bodily Injury Coverage$25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
Property Damage Coverage$10,000 per accident
Accidental Death$50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident

What is the best car insurance in New York?

Nerdwallet has named Liberty Mutual as one of the best car insurance companies in 2022 due to our ability to tailor New York auto insurance policies to each individual’s needs. Some drivers want the cheapest available option, while others need more comprehensive coverage from a company they can trust. Our team can help you find the perfect balance of price and coverage for your specific situation.

The cheapest companies for full coverage in New York

Full coverage insurance typically costs more than minimum coverage because it provides more financial protection. Full coverage includes both comprehensive and collision coverage, which cover damage to your vehicle from accidents and non-accidental causes respectively.

Who has the cheapest car insurance in New York?

You may be able to find the cheapest car insurance in New York, but it may not be the most reliable. You want auto insurance that is affordable and reliable in case you have an accident.

Cheap New York car insurance for good drivers

Although being a good driver is usually a good indicator of how much you’ll pay for car insurance, it doesn’t guarantee that every insurance company will offer you the best rate. In New York, the cheapest car insurance rates for good drivers were found with Progressive, American Family, and Geico, based on our evaluation.

Cheap New York car insurance for drivers with a DUI

If you’re convicted of a DUI in New York, you can expect your car insurance rates to go up. On average, drivers with a DUI conviction in New York pay about $1,200 more per year for car insurance than drivers without a DUI. However, there are still ways to get cheaper auto insurance. You can try companies like Progressive and American Family if you have a DUI.

Cheap New York Car insurance for adding a teen driver

Putting a teen driver on your car insurance policy increases rates by an average of 97% in New York. Some insurers more than double car insurance premiums after you add a teen driver. Chubb and Geico have the best average rates after adding a teen driver in New York. If you add a teen, make sure to ask about any related discounts like a good student discount to help shave off some of the rate increase.

Cheap New York Car insurance for drivers with a speeding ticket

New Yorkers who have been ticketed for speeding can expect their car insurance rates to go up. American Family and Progressive have the lowest average rates for New Yorkers with a speeding ticket, according to our analysis.

Cheap New York Car insurance for drivers who caused an accident with injury

Driving with an injury in New York usually results in an increase of car insurance rates, but there are still some companies with good rates. American Family and Progressive have the best rates among the insurance companies analyzed by Forbes Advisor.

Cheap New York Car insurance for senior drivers age 65+

At what age do car insurance rates start to increase? Car insurance rates typically start to increase when drivers reach age 65 or 70. This is because insurers consider senior drivers to be a greater risk for accidents. However, the good news is that these rate increases are usually gradual. If you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance for senior drivers in New York, some of your best options include Progressive, American Family, and GEICO.

Best Cheap Car Insurance In New York

Cheap New York Car insurance for drivers with poor credit

Car insurance companies generally charge higher rates for drivers with poor credit, as they are more likely to file claims. However, not all insurers raise rates by the same amount, and Geico may be the cheapest option for New Yorkers with bad credit.

Summary: Required New York Auto Insurance

Extra Lawsuit Protection

If you make a lot of money or have a lot of assets, you should look into getting umbrella insurance. It provides an extra layer of protection in case you’re sued over something that’s covered by your auto or homeowners insurance. If you’re sued for more money than your base policy covers, umbrella insurance will pay for the judgment or settlement, up to your policy limit.

Can I Show My Insurance ID Card from My Phone?

New York allows you to show electronic proof of auto insurance from your mobile phone. If you can’t access your insurance ID card on your phone through an app from your insurer, keep a paper copy with you or in the vehicle.

Penalties for Driving Without Auto Insurance in New York

If you drive without insurance in New York, you could be fined $150-$1,500 and/or imprisoned for up to 15 days. You may also have to pay a civil penalty.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best car insurance company in New York?

There is no one “best” car insurance company in New York—it all depends on the driver’s individual circumstances. Some things that may affect what kind of policy you need include the type of car you drive, your driving history, and the ages of the drivers on your policy. It’s important to understand your own situation and get quotes from several different companies so that you can compare rates, coverage, discounts, and policy features.

2. How much does car insurance in New York cost?

While average rates for car insurance in New York State are $2,321 per year for full coverage and $1,062 per year for minimum coverage, the actual rate you will pay depends on more than a dozen individual rating factors. These rating factors include the make and model of your vehicle, the coverage types and levels you choose, your auto claim history and the discounts for which you qualify. Based on these individual rating factors, your premium is likely to differ from the state and national average.

3. Is car insurance required in New York?

yes, insurance for drivers is required by the state of new york. you must carry at least the state minimum levels and types of car insurance coverage to drive legally. if you choose to drive without insurance in new york, you could face significant consequences, which include having your license suspended, your vehicle impounded and incurring financial penalties up to $1,500 per violation. if you cause an accident without insurance, you’ll be responsible for paying for the damages and injuries you cause. so, it’s important to have the right car insurance coverage in place to protect yourself and others.

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