JAIL Tamil Full Movie Review Directed By Vasanth Starring GV Prakash

JAIL Tamil Full Movie Review Directed By Vasanth Starring GV Prakash

JAIL Tamil movie released in theaters today. The film gets a good review because it is directed by Vasanth Balan. Does it meet the viewer’s expectations, is the question that now arises. GV Prakash’s acting gets a wide range of reactions from the audience.

The JAIL movie starring GVPrakash Kumar, Abarnathi, Radhika Sarath Kumar, Prabhakar, Yogi Babu and Robo Shankar has fulfilled a few fans and the other group of the audience left the theaters with dissatisfaction. There is more appreciation for the acting of GV Prakash, who says it is a one-man show. As a hero, he springs into action.

JAIL film projects the lives of the people who live in the slum and who are moved to the housing unit. The pain of the people who lose their place where they have lived for years is expressed in a neat way. The Jail movie has equal positives and negatives.

The first positive praise should be given to cinematography. Ganesh Chandhrra did an amazing job capturing the beautiful sights of the slums and housing units. He has attached as much importance to the song as to the film images.

Seeing the light in GV Prakash’s music in the movie Jail, only Kaathodu Kaathanen’s song is well received by the audience. The other songs have not caused a deep rage among the fans. The characters have done justice to their roles, especially GV Prakash. On the other hand, the characterization is not written in depth.

There seems to be overlap in the plot. The content that travels in the film is completely different from what they are trying to convey. There doesn’t seem to be a movie name with strong justification content. At one point, the film feels long with a lot of exaggerations. While the movie takes a distraction from the main plot, a few scenes are good to watch. The film is built to deliver a social message to the viewers.

The main negative is in the emotional scenes where it had no impact on the audience. Most of the scenes in the second half are predictable. JAIL film is not the Angadi Theru and Veyil film directed by Vasanth Balan. Still, the film made an impression, given the lives of ordinary people living in slums and housing units.

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